Design Insights: Removing the irrelevant

‘Removing the irrelevant’, the eighth video in this Design Insights series, features Richard Seymour, co-founder and design director of Seymourpowell, explaining why it’s important for designers to strip the “noise in the background” and instead focus on the principles that are working.

“You shouldn’t be putting more into something than it needs,” Seymour says. “But the fact is, the need maybe an emotional need.”

Touching on his background in advertising, Seymour explains that it’s possible to communicate the simplicity of a product’s function – for example an Apple product – without actually simplifying the product’s design.

As part of its effort to stimulate dialogue between the business and design worlds, the Eastman Innovation Lab teamed with Seymourpowell to create a series of thought-provoking special edition “Design Insights” videos titled “Into the future.”

Check us out each month for the next “Into the future” video.

Produced by Uber for Eastman Chemical company

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