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Wearable Technology – Learning, Connecting, Monitoring and Posing

Probably the most discussed technological advancement since the iPhone was introduced, wearable technology embodies the unavoidable and fascinating era of enmeshing computers and advanced electronic technologies onto our selves – through accessories and clothing. In sci-fi speak – it is the biological integration of electromechanical elements for the benefit of the human self. Cyborgs, then. [...]

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Apple launches iPad mini – a reaction or trail blazer?

Following the announcement of Apple’s latest product – the iPad mini, Seymourpowell‘s head of user research Sam Crompton reflects on the continued relevance and power of the brand, while also exploring the functionality and purpose of the product… What is it about Apple launches that gets everyone so excited? One hears about the impending release [...]

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Contagious Opinion: London 2012 Olympics & Design

Given 2012 is THE year for sport, our friends at Contagious Magazine asked Seymourpowell to comment on the relationship between sport, design and technology at London 2012. Seymourpowell’s Head of User Research, Sam Crompton, and Design Researcher, Chloe Coulson, reported back. Read Sam and Chloe’s article here.

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Seymourpowell TV: Olympics and Design

In this edition of the Seymourpowell TV series, Sam Crompton, Head of User Research at Seymourpowell, examines to the role of design and innovation in the 2012 London Olympics. There are 3 axis of design at the games, Crompton says: emotion, performance, and brand. Whether it’s Mo Farah’s trainers or Mini MINI BMW’s fetching javelins, [...]

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Immortal Data

In the first of a two-part commentary, Seymourpowell’s Head of Digital Research, Sam Crompton, reveals some interesting insights following his attendance at last months’ Economist Technology Frontiers Conference. Part One: Immortal Data Last month I attended The Economist ‘Technology Frontiers’ conference on behalf of Seymourpowell. A real highlight was Bonin Bough’s case study on the [...]

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One Dot Zero’s ‘Adventures in Motion Festival’

Seymourpowell Senior Design Researcher, Sam Crompton reveals his thoughts on One Dot Zero’s ‘Adventures in Motion Festival’… One Dot Zero’s ‘Adventures in Motion Festival’ has just finished at BFI Southbank, and frankly, you’ve only yourself to blame if you missed it. Essentially it is an annual curated showcase of the best in moving image from [...]

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